I hail from the City of Joy – Kolkata, a metropolis in eastern India, known for its rich cultural heritage, annual cycles of malaria epidemic and the amazing rosogollas (if you don’t know what rosogollas are, you are definitely missing out on a ‘sweet’ experience of your life). In this blog, I hope to share (only if I am lucky enough to take out some time from my busy PhD schedule) my musings and reflections on issues that happen(ed) to catch my attention. Also, there will be articles on some of my personal experiences that I would like to share with you. Please don’t forget to follow this blog via email. To help you navigate through this blog, here goes a description of the categories of posts on this blog.

1. Cheap Talk: This category will contain all my writings on issues that generally interest people, such as articles on some social analyses, historical essays, economic interpretation, political surveys, etc. Please feel free to disagree with me in your comments, but forget not about the “Like” button as well.

2. Of Places and Faces: This category will contain my personal experiences in life. Here, I shall not only talk about the places I have been to, and the persons who impacted my life, but also reflect upon the broader philosophies and deeper truths of life which I have come to realize over the years. Clearly, this category will be close to my heart.

3. The Inward Eye: I will post my favourite poems here. However, there’s one disclaimer – I will occasionally share some poems in Bengali, my mother-tongue. If you are not a Bengali, my apologies to you; but if you are one, just savour the poetic masterpieces!

4. Words Worth: Yes, you read it right. It’s not Wordsworth. This category will have words which have some more worth than my own. So, as you might have already guessed, this category will have words of different wise men and women, who have shaped and will continue to shape human imagination for generations to come, I believe.

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